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CDP (Community Dance Project)

Lebogang Mokubela has launched the CDP outreach campaign.CDP (Community Dance Project) is a hip-hop dance educational campaign aimed at giving previously disadvantaged children the opportunity to learn and enjoy the art of hip-hop dancing.The Project will target youth in township schools,this including students ranging from Grade 1 to Matric. The project is mainly aimed at exposing and nurturing dance talents within the townships and offers services otherwise found in suburban places.; these services include:
               - one-on-one dance training sessions
               - proper rehearsal facilities
               - mentoring opportunities, etc

All these services will be given for free, and the classes will range from choreography hip-hop to freestyle elemental hip-hop; the classes will also include other dance professionals from in and around the Gauteng

The programme will not focus entirely on hip-hop dance alone, it is the aim of CDP to impact the youth with different disciplines of danece, teaching the importance of clear and goal-orientated lifestyles.

The vision of CDP states, "With excellence and intention, we will strive to better our communitites and townships with knowledge and guidance-based dance programmes, that will further impact our youth in being productive, goal orientated and disciplined. We will also be intentional in providing key spiritual guidance to the youth, as this forms as the most important aspect of one's life."

Lebogang Mokubela and his team, TEAMKFO, will be performing and speaking in various schools around Pretoria; by doing so, we hope to find, nurture and develop aspiring dancers in our local schools and communities

For more information how to be a part of this revolutionary campaign, you can contact Lebogang Mokubela using the "Contact Me" tab.