The wonderful world of "Fifty" 


Born on October 10th 1990, Lebogang Mokubela is the
first-born child to Chiny Margaret Mokubela and Solly Sibiya. From an early age,
Lebogang was taught to be very resourceful and focused, as he grew up almost on
his own. Lebogang was raised by his grandparents and 60% of the time he was left
home alone, as his grandparents went to work. For a normal child, this would
have been the start of a lot of emotional disorders of somewhat, but not with
Lebogang; he spent his young life either buried in his schoolwork or playing
cricket. Lebogang went to Haakdoornboom Primary School, in Onderstepoort,
  Pretoria. In 2004, he started high school at the Pretoria Technical High

Lebogang completed his matric in 2008 and is currently pursuing a
bachelor’s degree in Quantitative management.

A lot of people wonder how a simple guy like Lebogang, could have
a started a revolutionary dance competition such as the Krump FaceOff (KFO)…well
truth is, it all started as a church fundraiser, yes, a

Mid-June in 2009, Lebogang was introduced to the Christ Centered
  Church, where within a course of 3 months, Lebogang was selected, by the youth
  pastors, to be a young people’s ministry leader. This is where Lebogang
  realized his calling as an evangelistic super house. It is said that a person
  can only find his true purpose through God and that is exactly what has
  happened with Lebogang.

Lebogang was given a task to put together a strategy of raising
funds for the church, to cover the annual youth camp. This is where the KFO was

Lebogang is an innovative, unique, passionate, success-driven
  individual who believes in development rather than results; how can you produce
  worthwhile results if you are not properly developed? And that basically is the
  foundation and partial vision of the KFO dance event; the overall vision of the
  KFO is to expose young people to the Word of God, and guide them towards a life
  of total fulfillment through a Christ-centered life and

Due to obstacles Lebogang faced, as a dancer, he structured the
KFO in such a way that the ‘undeveloped’ and overlooked dancers will have their
own platform where their development as individuals is important; KFO is a
  platform where there is to be no pre-conceived idea that a certain crew is to
  win because of their street credibility…but…KFO is a platform where everyone is
  treated the same and everyone is given equal opportunity.

“How else is South African dancing supposed to match up to
  international standards, if the event coordinators do not place their focus on
  developing dancers” these are words that Lebogang, so profoundly, lives by. It
is the notion that if dancers are developed by the very same event coordinators,
that the dancers support through attending events, South African dancing itself
will grow, and eventually will reach international standards.

Early 2011, through the experience gained through the KFO event
and with only R100 in the bank, Lebogang founded, with Gontse Mathale, Dios
Mismo Entertainment cc; a fully registered events and entertainment business
entity. This entity started growing rapidly within the first 3months in

Lebogang is also an aspiring online marketer, of which he is
  currently employed by S.MAB Aviation as an online marketer for their Flight
Attendant training courses.

Lebogang is very passionate about the youth, as he too was
  mentored and developed by other leaders and business professionals. Lebogang is
  currently mentoring over 5 people, some in business, some in events
  coordinating, some in their spiritual walk with God, and so forth. “It is rare
  to find a young person who wants to learn more and not waste away their time
  through useless dealings” These words are the very benchmark of Lebogang’s
  successful lifestyle; the time you have today, is an opportunity to better your

To contact Lebogang, you can:


Phone: 0785785781

Facebook: Lebogang-fifty Mokubela