The wonderful world of "Fifty" 

Lebogang "Fifty" Mokubela

Lebogang “Fifty” Mokubela is a South African-born business and youth-empowerment enthusiast. He is the founder and co-owner of Dios Mismo Entertainment cc; an  events and entertainment entity heading up events such as the KFO (Krump FaceOff) dance competition, which focuses specifically on grooming hip-hop dancers within the borders of South Africa!

Lebogang has an undying passion for teaching young people, in
dance, important fundamentals to their dance and life successions. These fundamentals include a Christian-centered lifestyle and mindset, which gives reverance to placing absolute trust in the God Almighty, Jehovah, and also teaches on the concept of dwelling within your uniqueness as an individual.

It is said that “the Word of God is a special kind of mirror and
if a kitten were to look at its reflection in that mirror, it would recognize
that it is truly a lion” and in the same way our TRUE strength and identity
lies within God, and it is Lebogang’s prime objective to teach and guide young people towards finding themselves within God and the purpose behind their gifts.